GR Precision Mold, which a professional Plastic Injection Mold and Plastic Parts Manufacture With 360+ Customers with 3850+ Projects

*Overmore 3850+ Projects Perfect Done

*5 Axis High-Speed CNC Supporting

*USA Background Engineers & Partner

*More Than 8 After Service Worldwide.

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What We Can Do For You.

Mold Desigh and Reverse Engineering

Widely production design and Reverse engineering
Mold base For Plastic Injection Mold

Mold Base For Plasttic Injection Mold

Extensive support for DME, HASCO, Misumi, and LKM standards.


Ensuring an accurate mold design and pre-production confirmation

Tooling Building

We have advanced in-house equipment to ensure tool quality and speedy delivery.

Custom CNC Machining

Tailored CNC machining services for quick prototypes and production components.
3D printing parts

3D Printing Service

Including plastics (like PLA, ABS), metals (such as aluminum, titanium), ceramics, resins, and more.

Plastic Injection Molding

For reliable support in fulfilling your batch production of plastic parts with consistent quality, tight tolerances, and impeccable speed

Parts Assemble in Clear Room

Serving a broad range of customers requiring plastic parts assembly.

Why 300+ customers trust GRP?

Widely Global After Service

With eight strategic facilities, we provide full after-sales support in Europe, the US, and Mexico. Expect prompt assembly, rigorous testing, and dedicated follow-up.

Good Bi-Language Technical Communication

Our Project Managers, former mold makers and designers, bring hands-on expertise. Fluent in English, they ensure clear, streamlined communication, reducing misunderstandings and overheads.

Stable Professional Teams:

Over 82% of GRP's staff have remained for over a decade, growing alongside the company. Their loyalty and expertise shape our success and nurture an excellence-driven culture.

We Know Your Needs And High Requirements

Around 86% of our tools sell in Europe and North America, highlighting global appeal and quality. Familiarity with Hasco and DME standards shows our commitment to excellence and smooth client integration in these regions.

Our Main Market:

2K Rotation and multi-cavities toolings for automotive
High precision tolerance components to 0.005mm

Home Appliance and white machines

IML and multi cavities mold
Thin-wall packaging and multi-cavities toolings.

Quality Assurance & Certification

Meet Our Team And Facility Tour

CNC Machining

In-House One Stop Solution

We conduct all machining and EDM processing in our tool shop to ensure both quality and lead time.

Team for plastic injection mold maker

GRP Team Working For You

Our dedicated and skilled team ensures smooth processing consistently.

Mold design

Mold Design And Engieering

We understand customer needs and are highly familiar with HASCO and DME design standards.

plastic injection molding manufacturer for automotive

Plastic Injection Molding

We specialize in diverse plastic injection molding techniques, such as 2K molding, over-molding, gas-assistance molding, and high-temperature PEEK molding.

Reviewing meeting for tooling building

Review Meeting During Mfg

Conducting mold design review and machining review meetings contributes to smoother processes and fewer errors in our workflow

Quality Assurance for plastic injection mold

Quality Assurance

Our robust quality system ensures advanced mold and plastic part quality, maintaining precision tolerances with utmost confidence.

Automotive Rear Mirror
Automotive Lamp Cover
Automotive Bumper
2K (2 color ) Mold
Plastic pipe coupling
Spoon Stack Mold
Caps or closures
Vacuum Robot Cleaner

Crafted to Fuel YOUR Business Expansion

Allow the numbers to speak for themselves:

  • At least 15%-30% reduction in purchase costs.
  • 20% shorter lead times due to continuous 2-shift processing.
  • 30% time saved through bilingual technical discussions.
  • Over 40% less time needed for comprehensive after-sales support.  

They trust us

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